Violinist, Improviser, Composer.

Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Folk and Blues

Sarah Barnwell

Sarah Barnwell is a violinist of international acclaim. Whether beautifully melodic & lyrical or fast & furious, Sarah’s playing is always exciting & delivered with a lovely tone. The Sarah Barnwell Quartet, which features outstanding musicians from around the UK, plays Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Folk and Blues with authentic passion, fire and virtuosity. Sarah is under increasing demand as a guest violinist with some of the world’s leading Gypsy Jazz, Swing and Folk musicians whilst her own quartet is fast becoming recognised as one of the most exciting & original, in the UK & Europe.

‘I was brought up on my parents’ tour bus, travelling all over Europe, meeting the most extraordinarily crazy and talented people! Mum needed a backing singer, so I stepped in… aged 9. It was an incredible apprenticeship for a young musician. Writing and arranging music, recording and performing it with my quartet….. I can’t imagine doing anything else!

Sarah Barnwell Quartet plays modern acoustic music, melding it seamlessly with vintage swing, gypsy jazz and blues. Played on Violin, Two Guitars and Double bass, it sounds both fresh and authentic. Above all the musicians have fun, and that communicates itself to their audience. Special guests on the album and at larger shows feature Huw Warren on accordion and Frank Vignola on guitar.



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